About Us

Sofia’s Pizza is the creation of Catheri Balageian, reflecting the passion for pizza with a diverse and inspired menu.

Since 1983, we made it our mission to prove the taste and quality cannot be compromised. Our pizzas must be satisfying, energizing and cravable. Our food is made daily in-house from whole, natural and fresh ingredients. When you want a pizza, come and see us, and we’ll tantalize your taste buds with the best pizza in town. The menu takes its inspiration from the authentic (East West North South to be chosen), creatively prepared and influenced by your taste buds.


We make great pizzas! In Sofia’s Pizza, we serve delicious pizza with the freshest ingredients. Come and enjoy some great pizza and satisfy your pizza cravings. Taste the flavors of perfection with our chef's specialties. With years of experience and delicate creation, we use the freshest ingredients and our Specially pizza’s will have you coming back in no time.

We specialize in catering parties of all sizes. If you have a party coming up, give us a call. We have a Special deal for your occasion.